Avalonic Healing - Shiningthro

Rooted in Celtic Shamanism, and born in Wessex of the Isles of the Mighty, I was re-born as a healer after visiting Avebury and Glastonbury. Now I use my own experience and intuition, ancient and traditional knowledge gained, and attunements and training I have received and put all of this into my art, healing, spiritual work and the readings I can also offer now. I am Reiki trained and attuned for Crystal healing and Violet Flame. I am also knowledgeable in aromatherapy and oil blending, and an intuitive reader of crystals, tarot cards, and ribbons.

This healing work complements the mental wellbeing crystals that I specialise in, the essential oil blends I make and my Courage Cards, Compassion Cards and other wellbeing items. Use my 'Contact Me' form to find out more details and for appointments and prices.