What a week

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Last week I entered a Facebook competition that the company Create, who run this website, ran to win a year’s subscription.


I entered a few days into the competition on the basis of nothing ventured, nothing gained. I commented on the page, saying that money was tight and so I hoped I won as I know having a selling website is the way to go at the moment and pressed ‘send’, thinking ‘I won’t hear anything further. After all, I usually win nothing...’ but my renewal for this site is due in a few weeks, money is limited and I was tagged by my lovely web Goddess Holly. So I entered the competition and forgot about it, as I’ve been ill with flu... but then nothing is ever a coincidence.

The Universe sends out signs... for me they have to be bloody big signs. The flu meant time to rest and so for a day, I didn’t know I had won but then I got congratulated by Holly and so the win came as a lovely surprise. This is obviously the Universe saying ‘yes’ to me having a website which is good to hear. So here’s my first blog post to get this experience started. Waiting to recover from my flu to be able to make and photo new things. My word for the year is ‘Thrive’, here’s to thriving :) 

love and light,


Julie xxxx