All About Me...

For a decade or so, I suffered from depression and anxiety. Now at times we are uneasy bed-mates but on the whole, I feel blessed by my illness, as it has allowed me to be a truer me. It also has taught me some of the life lessons and creativity that I use in my pieces. I am mostly a self-taught Artist, sometimes combining different art and craft techniques in pieces.

Most of the art that I produce are one-offs. The courage cards and fridge magnets are handmade from digital collage sheets and digital scrapbooking kits that I purchase but the words and phrases that I use are my own, either from experience or from actual words I have said to myself. My compassion cards are small run layered digital images which do also have some collaged elements included too. My business is very much derived from my own experiences and soul-driven.

I sometimes undertake bespoke work - you can always contact me and ask for a quote if it’s small, time allows and/or is an one-off. Any bespoke work undertaken would attract a premium charge – no exceptions. And strictly no personal visits to my personal address, under any circumstances.

Love and kisses, Julie xx




The digital art I use is either with the artists's express permission or within their copyright or angel policies. No infringement of copyright is ever intended. My work often combines elements from several different sources and these Artists’s work appear in some of my pieces:

Tangie Baxter, Rachel Birdsell, Josie BurkeRobin CampsArina CristescuAmelia CullernDover Books (various), Patti Ford, Sandy Gordon, Lynne & BeckyLynne Khorasani, Debbie-Anne Parent, Rebecca Pritchett, Kirsi Rouvinen, Sonja Sandell, Texas Makerie, Julia van der Werf, Angie

As a creative individual, I am happy to give a shout out to other artists, J